Wedding Stationery Guide


Save The Date Cards/Engagement Announcement:


Save the date cards are sent out up to one year in advance of your wedding and are a great way of making sure that guests keep the date free for your special day. These are a particularly good idea if you are getting married at busy holiday times like Christmas or high summer or if you are getting married abroad or inviting overseas guests so that travel arrangements can be made in advance. The invitations are usually smaller than the main invitation but would ideally match the style of the main invitation that is to follow.

Day Invitations:


The main wedding day invitations are sent by the hosts, traditionally the bride's parents, to invite guests to both the ceremony and reception. Many couples are now choosing to host their own weddings and so you can frequently expect to receive the invitation from the couple themselves.

The wedding invitation will set the tone of your wedding - both the level of formality and the style or theme of the wedding so you should take some time to consider the style of wedding stationery that best reflects your special day.

Evening Invitations:


Evening invitations are sent out to the guests that you would like to invite to the evening celebration only. Perhaps you want to have a very intimate ceremony and wedding breakfast but have a large number of family and friends that you would like to invite to help to celebrate after the ceremony.

These invitations are usually sent out at the same time as the day invitations so that there is no confusion as to which guests are invited to the different parts of the wedding, also to ensure you have accurate replies well before finalising your wedding reception. Evening invitations should ideally be of a similar theme to the day invitations but can often be a simpler design allowing you to keep costs down.

RSVP Cards:


An RSVP card is often included inside the invitation and makes it a quick and easy way for your guests to reply promptly. They can also be used to request information about any dietary requirements that your guests may have. If you include a stamped, addressed envelope and an RSVP date with the card it will make it even easier for your guests to reply and for you to have accurate numbers well in advance.

Information Cards:


As well as an RSVP card, it is often very useful to include information cards with your wedding invitations with additional information that my help your guests. This could be local accommodation details, a map or directions to the ceremony and reception venues and/or your wedding gift list.

Order of Service:


Order of service cards are handed out, usually by the best man and ushers, to guests at a church service or religious ceremony to help them follow the service. The order of service is a folded card, usually with paper inserts, giving details of the service such as hymns, music and readings. The front of the card traditionally has the name of the bride and groom along with the name of the church or venue and the wedding date.

The layout of the order of service will depend upon the style of the service - your priest or minister should be able to give you advice. You will require one card per guest and don't forget to include copies for the minister/choir and other attendants when ordering.

Table Plans:


If you are having a large sit-down wedding breakfast a table plan is usually displayed at the entrance to the dining area and is a great way to ensure that all your guests find their seats quickly and easily and with the minimum of fuss. Remember when choosing where to seat your guests that most people will feel more comfortable if they are sitting next to people they know or with whom they share something in common. Table plans can either be printed or created with more of a handmade feel.



A menu card is a courtesy to your guests so that they know what it is that they will be eating during the wedding breakfast. They are only a courtesy however and can be left out if you prefer.

Place cards & Table names/numbers:


Place name cards and table numbers or names are essential if you have a seating plan. They allow you to seat your guests without fuss and can add wonderful detail to the wedding breakfast table.  They can either be a folded tent card to sit on the table or a double sided postcard if a tall card holder is being used.

Wedding Favours:


Wedding favours are traditionally positioned at place settings and are perfect for adding decoration to the wedding breakfast table and make lovely gifts for your guests.

Postal Box:


A safe place for guests to put cards and small gifts as they arrive at your wedding reception.

Thank you cards:


It is common courtesy to thank all of your guests for attending the celebrations and for their gifts. Cards can either printed with a similar theme to your wedding stationery or you could supply us with a photo from your wedding which would provide a wonderful memento for your guests.


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